vanilla raiding & griefing

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AztecMC is a public Minecraft 1.20.4 semi-vanilla raiding server.
We try to stay as close to a vanilla experience as possible. No chest protections, no player block protections. No economy, factions, and you can't donate your way to fame or fortune. We do have some rare collectible drops just to spice up your pillaging though.

But, have you stumbled on someone's base? Grief it.
Are they still home? Kill them and take their stuff.

Don't like PvP? Our admins and community are very supportive and have lots of tips for staying safe.

Get a head start on your journey! A random teleport pad in spawn can transport you up to 3500 blocks away!

What's not vanilla?


We have only a few broad rules:

Keep it PG-13

We're a family-friendly server - we want children to be able to play here. You start swearing up a storm and little Billy might have a new word to teach his parents. At which point they might have a few new words to teach us.

So please, watch your language and your builds. Most of the time breaking this rule will get you a warning. But, if you're a repeat or severe offender you could get muted or worse.

No hacking

We take this rule very seriously. Please turn off any hacked clients before you log in.

Do you x-ray? 1st offense x-raying is likely a perma-ban.
Worried about x-rayers? Most of them get banned within 6k blocks. The further out you go, the less likely they'll get you before we ban them.

Most other offenses get at least a temp-ban for 2 weeks, but it varies from case to case.

No spamming

This includes harassment, ALLCAPS, and advertising other servers or sites.
Abusing /tpahere is also spam. Broad rules are broad.

Vote for us!

More votes means more loot for you and more players for us.
Which means more raids and thereby more loot for you.
It's the circle of loot!

You can vote on each of these sites every 24 hours. Every time you vote, you get a customizable reward, with a chance to win something much bigger!

Want a colored name? It'll cost you 15 votes.

Rather have TNT than steak for voting? 15 votes to change your vote reward.

Want a 2nd home? Rack up 100 total votes to unlock it!

Get in touch

Join our Discord server at

Discord is usually the quickest way to reach an admin if you have a problem. Or just come and chat!

Email us at

Follow @aztecminecraft for updates

Server updates, technical stuff, it'll all be there.

Like us on Facebook

Because if you're still reading this, we're technically friends.
That's the rule.

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